2012.07 Extended Sterile Crystallizaiton facility for Carbapenem
2012.03 Constructed a plant for Cephalosporin, Constructed a plant for Oncology of Cytotoxicity
2011.10 Extended Sterile Lyophilization facility for Cephalosporin
2011.08 Launched Meropenem Inj. in Korea
2010.10 Initiated supply of a Carbapenem APIs to its developer
2010.02 Succeeded in manufacturing Sterile Flomoxef-Na in commercial base
2009.05 Obtained GMP suitability for sterile APIs by PMDA in Japan
2008.07 Inspected for sterile APIs by EDQM
2007.02 Started exporting Imipenem/Cilastatin (FDF / APIs)
2006.01 Started producing Panipenem/Betamipron (Powder formulation)
2005.01 Started producing Cilapenem (Imipenem/Cilastatin) (Powder formulation)
2004.11 Started producing Cefditoren Pivoxil (Oral antibiotic)
2003.03 Started exporting Injection in vial forms
2002.07 Constructed a plant for synthesis of sterile and antibiotic APIs
2001.06 Started exporting Piperacillin Acid to Toyama Chemical in Japan
2001.02 Started producing Epinastine HCl
2000.03 Started producing Cefteram Pivoxil
1999.05 Obtained BGMP for all product (general, special, sterile)
1998.04 Started OEM for sterile lyophilized product (Vancomycin)
1998.02 Started exporting Sulbenicillin Sodium to Takeda Pharm in Japan