Why Jeil pharma for CMO & CDMO !!!
From API to Finished
Jeil pharma is capable of producing from Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to Finished Products at the same site, eventually enabling to make a more attractive offer to potential customers.
R&D Capabilities : Formulation Development
Through constant investment on R&D center, Jeil pharma has accumulated technology and know-how over 20 years in APIs and finished products, now Jeil pharma produces not only generics but also improved combination drugs and patches.
Dedicated Facilities
Jeil pharma’s 5 dedicated facilities are able to meet variety needs of many customers’ and approved to comply with the GMP of PMDA(Japan).
1. Finished Products
1) The new plant for oral dosage   2) Cytotoxic Anti-Cancer plant (API and oral dosage)
- Newly built in 2017 and PICS GMP approved
- Production capacity : 1.5 billion units/year
- Available oral dosage forms: tablets, capsules, granules
- Built in 2012 and GMP Approved.
- Available oral dosage forms: tablets, capsules, granules
2. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (5 dedicated plants)
Product In production Remarks
General API Epinastine, Rosuvastatin etc  
Carba-penem antibiotics Meropenem, Imipenem Finished products(inj)
Oncology Irinotecan, Azacitidine Finished products(oral)
Cephalosporin (Non-sterile) Cefditore Pivoxil, Cefcapen Pivoxil, Cefdinir, Cefpodoxime axetil  
Cephalosporin (Sterile) Cefmetazole sodium, Flomoxef