Quality Assurance Team
The Quality Assurance team strives to build a quality assurance system which fulfills advanced GMP requirements and to ensure the manufacture and supply of high-quality pharmaceutical products.
- GMP Regulations Management
Monitors and follows-up new domestic and foreign policies and regulations to upgrade the GMP level of Jeil’s factories
- SOP Management
Documents and manages to ensure the proper implementation of manufacturing processes, manufacturing hygiene and quality assurance according to the SOP.
- Change Control
Conducts assessments and verifications for any changes of manufacturing facilities, equipments, materials, personnel, processes or any other changes, due to such changes controlled properly by SOP.
- Claim
Improves the manufacturing and quality assurance system through investigating the reason of claims which are related to manufacturing and quality and also establishing measures to prevent recurrences.
- OOS, Deviation
Investigates causes in the event that manufacturing, testing, etc. deviate from the established standards and seeks response measures to prevent the recurrence of such deviations.
- Audit/Inspection
Responds to audits and inspections by domestic or foreign institutions and corporations and also conducts self-inspections and implements inspections of partner corporations.