Manufacturing facilities for Oral Solid Dosage(OSD) forms
Jeil’s plant for OSD forms was established in 2016 and designed to comply with global GMP standards such as EU-GMP, C-GMP, and PIC/S with a land area of 7,934m^2 and the building area of 13,121m^2. It has an annual production capacity of 12 billion unit dose(tabs./caps.). Remarkably, the High-speed Mixer & Fluid Bed Dryer has a complete closed system, and airtight BIN is used, thereby enabling to prevent any possible contamination from the external environment during the manufacturing processes.
Major equipment
Fluid Bed Granulating Dryer
2 units (5kg, 100kg), Hüttlin(Bosch, Germany) One of the top brands in the world and powder coating up to 10um size is possible. Since both 5kg and 100kg sizes are available, it is applicable to both the R&D and commercial stage. The closed system adopted to minimize the possible contamination from the external environment during the process(from kneading to 2nd mixing)
Double Layer Tablet Press Machine
1 unit , FETTE(Germany) One of the top brands in the world that has excellent tablet pressing, speed, quality. Automatic control of mass, thickness, and hardness. Capacity (39 stations) : 210,000 Single layer tablets/Hr, Double layer tablets/HR. 24 hour unmanned operation function.
Automatic Tablet & Capsule Inspection Machine
1 unit, Enclony (Korea) Both Tablet and Capsule can be inspected and it can sort out 22 defective types of tablets and 13 types of capsules. Capacity : Tablet (280,000T/Hr), Capsules (150,000C/Hr)
Blister Packing Machine
3 units, CAM/Heung-a/JBM Both Blister and Alu-Alu packing are available. Filling, Cartoning, and shrink-wrapping are all automatic.
2016 Jeil Health Science (OTC) Spin-off from Jeil, Ltd
2016 Constructed the plant for Oral solid dosage forms
2013 Established Joint venture “Jeil Yao Pharm” with Yao Pharma in China
2012 Constructed new dedicated plants of Cephalosporins(API), AntiCancer(API&FDF), and Utility facility. And enlarged the capacity of the Automated warehouse
2002 Constructed the dedicated plant for Carbapenems (API & FDF)
2001 Approved KGSP(Korean Good Supplying Practice)
1999 Approved BGMP(Bulk Good Manufacturing Practice)
1994 Established Joint Venture “Korea-Yamanouchi Pharm” in Korea with Yamanouchi(Japan)
1991 Established Joint Venture “Jeil-Kirin Pharm” in Korea with Kirin Pharm(Japan)
1990 Established Joint Venture “ Korea-Daiichi Pharm” in Korea with Daiichi(Japan)
1988 IPO in the Korean stock market (Capital: 5 billion Korean won)
1987 Approved KGMP (Korean Good Manufacturing Practice)
1986 Completed the construction of “Baekam plant” (Current plant location: Yongin city, Kyunggi province)
1980 Established “Central R&D Center”
1971 Constructed manufacturing plant (Old plant)
1959 The Company established
Number of Licensed Products
Type of Formulation Total Number of
Licensed Products
Tablet 78 67
Injection 39 23
Granule 31 30
Capsule 30 18
Cataplasma 20 15
Plaster 7 6
TTS Patch 1 1
Powder 1 1
Solution 3 3
Syrup 1 1
Ophthalmic Solution 1 1
Otic Solution 1 1
Nasal Solution 1 0
Suspension 1 1
Others(Oral Disintegration Film) 1 1
TOTAL 216 169